Episode 3

Published on:

5th Mar 2020

Creativity and Faith (ft. Bledjon)

Bledjon is a rapper, actor, poet, and all-around creative. In 2015 he launched his debut album, "The Popular Loner", and in 2020 he's releasing his latest album, "Worth the Weight". On the podcast, we talk about creativity, the process, and how what we create is a reflection of our lives and everything we go through. You can follow Bledjon on Instagram/Twitter (@bledjon510), as well as listen to his music and latest album on Apple Music/Spotify. All of this can be found on his website https://bledjon.com.

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Coffee & Chai
A podcast centered around faith, culture, and our continual pursuit of happiness.
Welcome to Coffee & Chai, a podcast on faith, culture, and our continual pursuit of happiness. I am a Software Engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as a Pastor, and I've had the opportunity to meet some incredible people who are doing some cool and creative things, and are changing the world in amazing ways. From music to technology, social justice, and all things FAITH, we're talking about it!

I LOVE drinking Chai, and everyone loves Coffee...hence Coffee & Chai!

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